Listening Forums

Students meeting in a circle, against the backdrop of Butler Library.

The Office of the President will be hosting Listening Forums throughout the academic year to expand the opportunities for students to communicate directly with President Shafik and senior administrative leaders about the issues that affect them on campus.

Safe, Respectful, and Compassionate Spaces

These Listening Forums are safe, respectful, and compassionate spaces for students to express their thoughts and to engage in meaningful dialogue with a President Shafik and a rotating group of academic and administrative leaders from across Columbia University.

The primary goal is for University leaders to hear from a diverse range of students to better understand the perspectives of our undergraduates and graduates on a range of topics. This will be an opportunity to share experiences, surface ideas and concerns that are percolating, and foster the kind of open but respectful dialogue that is so essential to our shared values and mission. Attendance will be limited to allow for sincere reflective conversations.

Major takeaways will be shared with President Shafik and senior leaders to better understand the needs of our community. Phones and other recording devices will not be permitted.


Current students from all Columbia schools are invited to register to enter a lottery to participate in one of the upcoming forums. Registration will remain open throughout the academic year regardless of demand and does not guarantee participation. The lottery will be used weekly to invite students to participate in the discussion.

There will be several Listening Forums per month for the remainder of the academic year. Advance registration is required for participation.